Sills Mediation

Sills Mediation

What is family mediation?

  • A process that helps people
    resolve issues that
    often arise as a
    result of family
  • Mediation is voluntary
  • The process is confidential
  • The mediator is impartial
  • Enables you to reach
    your own solution

Legal Aid

  • Still available for those who
    qualify financially
  • Assessment for eligibility at initial
    meeting with mediator
  • To check eligibility visit

I deal with all
areas of family
law but in


Mediation can take place in any of the following locations;

  • Lincoln
  • Skegness
  • Spilsby
  • Gainsborough
  • Louth
  • Nottingham
  • Boston
  • Sleaford

If you would like to discuss
mediation with us and how we
can help you, please call us
on 01522 551613 or complete
our online referral form
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