Children in Mediation


Seperation or divorce is usually a painful time of change and can be difficult for children. Research has shown on-going conflict between seperating parents can cause long term emotional damage.

Where children are involved, Mediation helps parents co-operate with each other over their children, to discuss their children’s needs and to take full account of any concerns that either of them has regarding the children. In certain situations children can also be seen by the Mediator.

How children can be involved in Mediation:

  • Although not directly responsible for the overall outcome, children like to be informed and voice their opinions and views on the situation.
  • We can in some cases sit with the children and assure them that their views will be taken into account as much as possible.
  • Using the childrens views, we can laise with parents to help form part of the picture when parents are deciding what is best for the future.

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